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Home Invasion / Robbery

On 10-19-2009 at approximately 1430 hrs (2:30pm), three (3) black males approached a male and female who were working in the back yard of a home located in the 200 block of East Roalnd Rd, Parkside. The males asked if they could cut the grass, but when the offer was declined, Actor #1 displayed a silver and black semi-Auto handgun and forced the victims in to the residence. Once inside the home the male victim was assaulted, and the home was ransacked. Actor #2 displayed a large kitchen knife during the assault and threatened to kill them.

Click here for more information and Police Sketches of the Actors.

Theft From Vehicles


Over the past few weeks several vehicles in the Chester City area (between 22nd St and Parkside Boro) have been broken into and items have been taken. We are asking that you keep your vehicles locked, and don't leave anything of value in plain view. The public is also asked to call 9-1-1 if you see any suspicious type activity. Also, if you know anything about this crime we are asking you to leave an anonymous tip. Click Here.

We will not give out anyone's information, just leave information about the crime and we will follow up on that information. Thank You!

Don't Become a VICTIM!

Child Safety Warning

In 2006 two female juveniles were playing and walking in the area of the play ground and the old school, which has since been torn down, when they were approached by two black males, and subsequently chased. The intentions of the male subjects is unknown, and we have not had any other incidents since then. However; parents are asked to always know where their children are, and if they are at the playground area, to remind their children to leave the park as soon as it gets dark. And small children should always be in the company of an adult.

We are also asking anyone seeing suspicious activity or people to call 9-1-1 immediately.

Click Here for what your child can do if someone approaches them.

Family Watchdog National Sex Offender Registry


All individuals listed here are Wanted By the Parkside Borough Police Department. If you know where these people are, please call the Parkside Police Department at:

610-876-0249, or Leave us a Tip.

All persons should be considered dangerous.

Do Not approach them, call your local Police.

3 Black Males: Wanted for questioning in a Home Invasion / Robbery (ACTIVE)

2 Black Males: Cancel, One Juvenile Charged in the Armed Robbery

Michael Paul Siple - Cancel - Arrested

Kimberly Ellis: Aka: Kimberly McCauley Cancel - Arrested


Do you know these people? The FBI would like your help. - Click Here

Americas Most Wanted



School is Open!!!

Now that the school year has begun, we need your help in keeping our Children and Crossing Guards safe. Please pay attention to all speed limits and traffic signals during your morning and afternoon commutes.

"Everyone who gets behind the wheel is responsible for making sure that every child that walks through a school zone is safe from careless driving. Driving remains a privilege, not a right.  And while drivers cannot prevent every accident from occurring, they can certainly take the utmost care to avoid violations and prevent serious injuries or deaths." 
"For irresponsible and careless motorists, penalties will be stiffened to encourage safe driving. Children and their families should not have to worry about careless and reckless driving while in a school zone"
~ Governor Rendell

Pay attention to the Active School Zone Flashing Signal. When the lights are flashing the speed limit is 15 mph. If you are caught speeding during this time, you will face a minimum base fine of $35.00, plus $2 for every MPH in excess of 5 MPH, with a maximum base fine of $500.00 dollars if you are caught 11 mph over the posted 15mph. In addition to the base fine, there are Court and other State Costs.

Drivers caught speeding for a second time in a school zone will have driving privileges suspended for 60 days.  Fines would also be increased for careless driving that results in serious injury or death.

The Borough of Parkside and the State of PA takes speeding in a School Zone serious, and so should you.

Aside from the Traffic Laws, if you see suspicious people hanging around the School, or Bus Stop areas, please call 9-1-1

Thank you!

Robbery at the BP Gas Station

Subject was Arrested on 12-19-07

The Parkside Police are investigating a Robbery that occurred at the BP Gas Station on Edgmont Ave on 12-13-07 at 06:00 am. Click here for more information, and a composite sketch of the Actor (Suspect).

Parkside PD promotes Officer Bill Paul to Sergeant!

Parkside Honors Life-Saving Officer

By Kenn Star

Parkside Police Officer Brian McNeill was honored by borough officials, July 24, for saving the life of a 13-year-old female heart attack victim on July 1.

Nicole Bahr is from Philadelphia, but was visiting the Brookhaven Swim Club with a church group when she went into cardiac arrest.

McNeill was the first emergency responder on the scene. Finding no pulse, the officer immediately gave the girl a jolt from the automatic external defibrillator (AED) unit in his squad car. Two rounds of CPR were administered by EMTs on the scene, before Ms. Bahr’s heart starting beating again.

“As a result of Officer McNeill’s training, quick thinking and immediate action in a life-or-death situation, he was instrumental in saving the life of a 13-year-old child. This is outstanding police work, and the professionalism demonstrated by Officer Brian McNeill is to be commended,” stated Parkside Police Chief John Egan, as he presented the patrolman with a service commendation.

The heart attack fatality rate in young teen females is very high, according to Crozer-Mercy Medical Services EMS Chief Robert Reeder, who was also present to hand out his own certificates of appreciation. Beyond McNeill’s heroics, EMTs Diane Brees of Parkside and Steve Carr of Chester were recognized for their contributions in averting a crisis at the pool.

Now fully recovered, Ms. Bahr was in attendance with her parents. The written and spoken accolades were followed by a round of warm embraces among the principles.

“I’ve been an EMS for 26 years, and there’s not many times we save 13-year-olds, so you’re very lucky. The stars were aligned and God was with you. There’s a reason you’re here today -- everything worked to perfection,” Reeder told Ms. Bahr.

Reeder also thanked the borough for having the foresight to equip each police vehicle with an AED unit, without which McNeill’s life-saving actions would not have been possible.

“The thing about paramedics is that until you need them, you don’t appreciate them, but we appreciate every one of them,” Council Vice President Shirley Purcival told the group of emergency responders.

Parkside Police are investigating Graffiti in, and around the Borough.

This is a warning to those individuals that are leaving their "TAG" (Graffiti) on the buildings in and around Parkside Borough. Police are out and investigating this crime, and if you are caught, you will be charged. You will be required to pay for any damage and clean up cost of both public and private property in addition to any fines and court costs.

If you know who is committing this crime, please leave an anonymous tip:Click Here

Special Request from the Parkside Police Dept.

The Parkside Police Department is requesting that every home owner make their house numbers visible from the street. In the event of an emergency this could save time when trying to locate your home. So, please take a look at your house, and if your house number is not visible from the street, please make arrangements to have this little problem resolved so that we can find and help you if the need should arise.
Thank you,
Parkside Police

Purdue Pharma's 10-Point Program to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse and Theft

Prescription drug abuse is a serious public health problem affecting some four million Americans each month. Purdue Pharma L.P., a leading manufacturer of prescription pain medications, has made a commitment to help curb abuse of prescription medicines with a multifaceted program of prevention and education. Our 10-Point Program includes the following initiatives: Click Here for More Information

The Parkside Police Department is committed to serving our community and sometimes we need your help in order to do that.

We have provided you with a way to contact us from the comfort of your home by going to the Police Departments, Tip, Comment, or Suggestion Form. Click Here.

You may use this form to leave us information concerning any type of Criminal Activity, but please do not use the form for in progress crimes, use 9-1-1 instead.

Types of things to report:

  • Drug Activity
  • Loitering Problems (people hanging out)
  • On going issues, noise, drugs, etc…

You can also leave information that may help us solve a crime. We have a few open cases in Parkside, and we are sure that someone out there knows something. If you know anything about a crime that took place in Parkside, please leave us information. You can remain anonymous if you want. Just Click Here.

Please do not use the Tips Page for in progress type crimes, for them, call 9-1-1

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