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The Parkside Police Department has a Zero Tolerance
towards Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, (DUI).

If you are stopped and suspected of DUI, there is an excellent chance you will be ARRESTED!
Your Car will be impounded, and you will go to JAIL!

Kelly Ripa talks about Drunk Driving

Statistically, approximately 17,000 people each year lose there lives to a DUI related accident.

Below is just one of 17,000 reasons why we have a ZERO TOLERANCE toward DUI.

Adam Duncan Brown-Cox

Home City: Piedmont, South Carolina
Age: 14
Crash Anniversary: 31 March, 2000

Adam was our quiet, well-mannered gentleman. He brought his own special humor to any situation. Adam’s first love was the Navy JR ROTC unit he was in at school. Adam also loved the world of Law Enforcement. These were his top two career choices. 

  The night of March 30,2000 forever changed our lives. Adam spent Thursday afternoon at Cristas, his girlfriend’s house, watching videos and eating dinner. That evening around 8:45 PM Jackie, Cristas mother was taking Adam home, Less than 6 miles from her house Jackie’s car was struck by a drunk driver traveling at a high rate of speed... (Full Story)

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